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So what's the Austin Blockchain Collective going to do (for me)?

Thanks for the question. The answer to a great extent depends on what the community (meaning you and others like you) wants the collective to do.

We expect to be reaching out soon in several ways to gather feedback so we can set directions and priorities. We do believe that in general by advocating for and promoting/showcasing the Austin blockchain and crypto community, we can raise the profile of the city in this transformational space. Following on from that, we expect that local companies and projects will all stand to benefit. Specifically, we believe that the collective can help local companies and projects to:

  • Attract business 
  • Hire talent 
  • Raise funding 
  • Engage with city/state agencies 
  • Create partnerships 
  • Develop best practices 
  • Share resources 

Some activities that we have begun, or have ideas about - ideas that we want to be validated by the community - are:

  • Directory of Austin-area blockchain and crypto companies (a MVP is live now)
  • Directory of Austin-area blockchain and crypto meetup groups (ditto)
  • Profiles of Austin-area blockchain and crypto companies
  • Interviews with Austin-area blockchain and crypto leaders
  • Social media engagement and amplification of Austin-area blockchain and crypto news and events
  • Educational resources for businesses and individuals wanting to know more about blockchain and crypto
  • Regular mixer events for peer-to-peer networking
  • Engagement with Austin-area and Texas State technology and investment community leadership and government agencies/initiatives
  • Dialog with Austin-area educational establishments and programs
  • Alignment and liaison with other blockchain and crypto groups located in the Texas Triangle
  • Showcase events in Austin, other Texas cities and beyond
  • Encourage reference solution creation via formal alliances and partnerships involving Austin-area blockchain and crypto companies

What do you think the Austin Blockchain Collective should be focused on, and what specific activities are top priorities to help your business? Let us know. Drop us an email at

Best ...

Pete Harris

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